The SearchPanel keeps track of sites you have searched for in the past, and reminds whether you have seen them before. It also helps manage your bookmarks. The widget appears automatically as soon as you start a web search on a supported search engine.

When you search for a complicated subject or when you are trying to re-find something that you had looked for in the past, the queries you run often re-retrieve the same documents. This extension marks pages you have found before to distinguish them from newly-found pages.

Sample SearchPanel interface

The figure to the right illustrates the SearchPanel in action. Each colored bar in the panel represents one retrieved document.  You can click on any bar to open the corresponding document. A tooltip will show you the title of the document.

Item 1 shows the currently-selected search engine; other available search engines are shown to the right. Clicking on this button will return you to the search results page.

Item 2 represents a document that you have retrieved in the past.

Item 3 is the favicon associated with the retrieved page.

Item 4 represents the currently-selected document. If you follow a link on this document, the white bubble will still indicate which search result led to further browsing.


You can download and install SearchPanel from the Chrome App store

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